AI and human hand touching brain
AI and human hand touching brain

Big Data has been a blessing and curse for marketers and while the massive influx of data streams due to the increase in digital marketing platforms, analytic tools and cookies galore, it has also created a glut that even the most established companies have had to figure out how to decipher. To help declutter this access, the increase of the use of AI (artificial intelligence) software and algorithms has enabled companies and marketers to filter through all this data in order to be more targeted and predictive. But there is a catch. …

Google logo with cookies
Google logo with cookies

Google. A company so vast and successful that it has become a verb. It is the leading search engine and it has become ubiquitous as the sliced bread saying when it comes to the internet’s best thing. Because of its overwhelming dominance in the landscape of web traffic search and operating systems like email, Drive and a slew of other suites and tools, it has the capacity to do what it wants and whatever that may be has seismic impact.

Their recent announcement in January 2020 to remove third-party cookie data from it’s browsers has created a kerfuffle in the…

ghost and broken heart emojis with crossed out phone icon
ghost and broken heart emojis with crossed out phone icon

Social Media. We love it, we hate it, we ghost it, we delete it, but yet, we always seem to come back for more. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, and a slew of other platforms like Pinterest, Reddit and Twitch, are the digital societies in which we live in. Whatever your social media vice of choice, there is a platform that you can head-long immerse yourself into and yes, be algorithmically addicted to it. As Jonathan Berger writes, “Social media is like a drug, but what makes it particularly addictive is that it is adaptive. …

We have all been cooped up and cooking out of our homes for what feels like an eternity during COVID-19 and this has brought on new lifestyle trends like the sourdough craze and cocktail hour being any hour now. This has been a boon for some brands and especially those that sell easy to make foods at home since even though you may be eating in like never before this doesn’t make one a chef overnight.

This type of need and forced circumstance is perfect for a brand like Gardien, who makes plant based meat products that range from fake…

Image with women and You’ve Got Questions an vaccine
Image with women and You’ve Got Questions an vaccine

The Ad Council and COVID Collaborative in partnership with multiple non-profits organizations like the NAACP, Rockefeller Foundation, former commissioners of the Food and Drug Administration as well as businesses like Verizon and Amazon, are rolling out new ad campaigns to get people on board and into lines for COVID-19 vaccinations. This effort is discussed in a recent Wall Street Journal article and it gives a sample of the new campaign, the hurdles that this effort faces and who they want to target in the campaign rollout.

There will be a series of ad placements in print, TV, and digital channels…

Have you heard about Impossible Foods? If not, perhaps you have heard of the Impossible Burger, the meatless patty that has people doing numerous video taste tests, reviews and can be found even at Burger King. If this is starting to ding any bells that you probably also know that Impossible Foods has become one of the most recognizable brands that is championing a slew of new products that promote plant based diets that are trying to simulate the “meaty” experience by using scientifically inventive alternatives.

This post is not so much about the brand as a product but an…

Sally Hogshead created The Fascinate Test, a test that measures just that, your fascination power points and unlike other tests, that “measure how you see the world” this one “measures how the world sees YOU.” It is meant to specifically measure you in respect to how you can be the best version of yourself in your work life but it’s also a larger personality type of test a la Myers-Briggs and a slew of others. So with the link and code provided, I clicked in to see just how fascinating I really am.

The test itself is very simple. Just…

Things are not normal, we all know this. The 2020 “unprecedented” times are now sliding into the 2021 “is the end in sight” times but there are still a few things that spring eternal. One being America’s obsession with football and of course recently we, or about 91.4 million of us, watched Super Bowl LV to bask in all that is Americana and also to watch, of course, the commercials.

The game was a bit of a snooze and so were most of the ad spots but still we wait with baited breath to see what will come up during…

Hello Dear Reader,

Wherever you are in the ethosphere of the world wide web, I hope that you are finding your day pleasant and welcome to my brand (spanking) new blog that I am creating for my Digital Marketing class (at NYU!).

Who am I? That’s complicated because we all are so much more then the measure of defined things or bullet words but let’s say I’m new to this marketing thing but already I am diving head first to explore what this industry is made of. …

Jamie Sterns

Creative connector based in NYC. Writer, learner, champion of potential. Exploring marketing and visual culture via radical inclusion

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